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“My husband loved the hypnobirthing course, he was actually the one who found it on the internet and made me watch some videos, so I would consider it.

He said that the birthing process was very nice - before we were pregnant, he didn't think he would even want to be in the room during labour and birth, but as my belly was growing, he was getting more and more excited to see his baby being born. But it was the course that gave him the knowledge and power to actually be a part of it, to be active in the process, which he is very grateful for.”

~ Michaela 

“HypnoBirthing not only changed the way I view birth, it changed the way I approach life. After finishing the 5 week course I finally understand the perfect design of my body. I feel confident and excited for my birthing day knowing that my body and my baby know exactly how to birth!”

~ Soulei

'Building on my first HypnoBirthing experience meant that my second birth was an absolute dream. 5 hours from first surge to baby boy's first breath. I had an amazing drug free, water birth. I felt calm, in control and enjoyed it so much I wanted to do it all over again. On both occasions, I recovered very quickly, lost very little blood and didn't tear at all. I have HypnoBirthing to thank for all the positivity around my births and beyond,' ~ Lynne Tree

"After my nephew's birth I knew I really wanted to experience the same calm and comfort. It was without a question that I quickly applied to a HypnoBirthing course when I was 4 months pregnant. Though I was skeptical initially and my friends tagged me as the crazy one who wants a drug free birth, with all the training and practice I managed to birth my 1st daughter within 4 hours from the 1st surge. I checked in at the birthing unit at midnight and she was born at 00:26. It was easy and comfortable because I was totally aware of the process and could enjoy being in my own world with my body and baby." 

~ Sofia