Welcome! Im Laura Wheeler, I am a fully qualified HypnoBirthing instructor and proud Hypno Birther of two energetic little kids. Ive always thought birth was fascinating and remember saying to my friends when i was quite little "when im older im going to have a drug free natural birth". An unusual thing for a kid to say maybe but birth didnt seem scary to me. It seemed normal and natural. My mum had a positive birth with me and her empowering story of how i was born stayed with me. I felt I could do that too, and I always loved babies (I was the youngest of two so that was inevitable). The birth story of my older brother was not so positive though. There were various complications and interventions during his birth so i knew birth could go in different directions. When I got pregnant with my first in 2014 I was pretty delighted and excited to experience birth. I decided to have a home birth, although at first i was siding with hospital/ birth centre. I felt good about going for a home birth, it was the right decision for me. I read Sophie Fletcher's Mindful HypnoBirthing and I was totally convinced about the power behind HypnoBirthing. My husband was also really supportive of my choices which really helped and he really was a dream birth partner. I became a bit of a birth nerd from that point and studied all the different outcomes of birth. Why do medical interventions happen? Can a breech baby be born vaginally? (YES). How does stress affect pregnancy and birth? I watched some beautiful home birth videos, read positive birth stories and just kept feeding my curiosity about natural birth. I felt informed, empowered and spiritually prepared to give birth. When the big day arrived it all went pretty smoothly. I remember as my surges became more intense making a very vivid connection between the sensation and my breath. They were connected, working together. Even with my minimal knowledge about breathing exercises (at that time). My body knew what to do. I also remember how incredibly soothing and relaxing it felt getting into the birth pool and how it instantly allowed my body to start to let go. During my second pregnancy i read Marie Mongan's HypnoBirthing (the breakthrough to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing) this was the book which made me realise i wanted to teach HypnoBirthing. I felt every family preparing for a birth should have access to this wisdom. I also felt deeply saddened for all the women and babies who's births have not been positive and have experienced unnecessary and avoidable trauma. 

I believe birth is special, spiritual and deserves to be honored. Its also private, intimate and sensitive so needs to be respected. Hypnobirthing gave me the tools and knowledge to do what i felt deep down was always possible. I hope to share these tools with you and help you have the peaceful birth you truly deserve! 


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