HypnoBirthing Classes

Pregnant Woman with Mother
Young Couple Expecting

HypnoBirthing classes are inclusive and supportive of all families. We really recommend you attend the class with a birth partner- that's the person who is going to be present at the birth and can offer you support throughout your pregnancy. This can be a; partner, close friend, family member or doula etc. 

Before your classes you will receive your HypnoBirthing pack which includes the Marie Mongan textbook - HypnoBirthing; The breakthrough to safer, easier more comfortable childbirth. A great additional guide book with lots of visual aids and your HypnoBirthing audio download card. 

Classes are approximately 2.5 hours long and there are 5 classes in total. Class prices are £350 in total or £315 when you attend a taster session (highly recommended). During the class you will be comfortably seated as you learn relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, the physiological aspect of birth (how birth works), exercises in bonding with your baby, the role of the birth partner. We will explore your birth preferences, discuss your ideal birth scenario and look at birth videos. On a whole, during the 5 classes you will learn a wealth of knowledge about birth, how to relax and tune in to your body and your baby, how to trust your instincts and feel confident and positive about your birth. We finish each class with a guided relaxation (comfy clothes recommended). Included in all of this I also offer one to one support via emails and or text messages and a catch up session (after your baby is born).


Please check out my Birth Coach Sessions page- These are shorter sessions more focused on the individual and can be a great accompaniment to HypnoBirthing classes or as an alternative.   

I am currently offering HypnoBirthing classes online and in person. Whatever works for you!  

HypnoBirthing classes are a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the stresses and strains of every day life. Relax, unwind, connect with yourself and really honor this wonderfully special time in your life.

Please get in contact to arrange a free HypnoBirthing taster session.