HypnoBirthing Stories

The birth stories we pass on to one another form a huge part of our perception about birth. The stories of our own births from our family members, the stories from friends about how their births went. If those stories are filled with fear we begin to form a negative view of birth and maybe feel fearful about the idea of giving birth ourselves. On the flip side if the birth stories we hear are positive we can start to feel excited and confident about giving birth. Just the simple act of reading positive birth stories throughout your pregnancy can have a very effective impact on your own personal journey. So please enjoy these positive HypnoBirthing stories! - Laura 

“I first came about Hypnobirthing 4 years ago before the birth if my son. I was told about it by my sister in law who had done the course for the birth of her daughter. I wasnt fearful of the birth however we have all got our misconceptions thanks to the media and films so I found a course local to me and booked straight away; I thought if anything can make it a better experience for me and my husband - then why not?! 


My husband wasnt in to it to begin with as he thought it was a bit hippyish but after the first class we were both in amazement! Its like our eyes were opened to how birth should be! (I was a little cross at the media for telling lies all this time!) 


Fast forward to the birthing day, I felt my surges coming in the morning and spent all day walking around a local park, we eventually went to the birth unit in the afternoon and we were kept in as labour was progressing. All the time I was listening to my relaxation audio, walking the halls! My son arrived in the evening with no pain relief or interventions. 


He was such a calm and content baby, people used to comment on how observant and happy he was! 


I had a refresher course 4 years later to prepare for the birth of my second baby. The birth of my daughter was quicker of that of my son. I felt more in control and I knew what I was doing. I trusted my body more so the second time round and I believe that this is what made this birth smoother. 


I am absolutely an advocate for Hypnobirthing as I know it works. I felt empowered, supported, calm and relaxed and the birth of my children is something I will never forget, all for good reasons ♡”

~ Amy

 "For my second birth I delved deeper into hypnobirthing as I had such a wonderful experience during my first. I used the special breathing techniques to help me feel calm and to get to sleep during my pregnancy. My labour began incredibly gently the surges were so gradual I was able to go about my day, relaxing, taking a walk in the local woods and slowly getting our space prepared.

The first part of my labour was actually quite long around 18 hours and I experienced a resting phase somewhere in the middle of that but the hypnobirthing kept me calm and focused all the way through. My midwife was astounded that my heart rate was exactly the same each reading. The breathing was really the thing that worked most for me. When it was finally time to get in the pool things then progressed quite quickly. My husband did the breathing with me which really helped, he got in the pool with me this time around and we met our daughter together which was so beautiful. The midwives were crying and one said she was inspired to train up in Hypnobirthing as she saw how well it had worked for me.


I felt such a high after both my births that lasted for weeks. I was so proud of what I had achieved. Hypnobirthing gave me the confidence and tools to have the birth I truly desired." -Laura