• Laura Wheeler

Moon Baby (a home birth story)

I remember my due date Aug 1st, It was a super blue moon and it really was stunning. I knew it was unlikely that I would actually give birth on the due date but still deep down I felt my baby would be here soon. We lit a fire in the garden and enjoyed the moonlight quietly knowing our lives would be quite different very soon. My first few surges came to me in a dream, I was sleeping soundly at around 2am and slowly I came around realising I was in labour. I didnt do much at that point as my surges were so gentle, I just rested, listened to music and waited patiently for the morning to unfold. At around 6am I woke my partner to tell him, we gradually got up, had breakfast and watched some tv. I phoned a midwife at around 10am just to let them know I had been having gentle contractions and they might expect to be called out sometime soon. I agreed to call again once my surges were closer together. I spent the next part of the time keeping upright and active, listening to my hypnobirthing track, sitting on the birth ball, and enjoying a gentle walk down the lane and back. My partner gradually began getting our space ready- inflating the birth pool, getting plenty of towels ready, burning some essential oils. I remember he even hung some lavender from the garden above where the birth pool was. By this point my surges were becoming slightly more intense, I needed to be inside now and close off from the world a little bit. I phoned the midwife again- it was now around 1pm. They decided to come on over. I remember just sitting mostly at this point really focusing on breathing through my surges I started to understand why breath and birth are one thing. My body was just doing it, and I was following its lead. When the midwives arrived they didn't expect me to be so far along as I was a first time mum. After an examination they said I was quite established and could get into the pool if I liked, I was quite ready to get in so I was happy to hear this. It took just a little longer for my partner to fill it and when I got in it felt amazing! Like getting into a hot bath after a long and difficult day. My body completely relaxed and with this glorious relaxation came more intense surges. I think the time distortion came into play at some point here as Im sure how long I was in the pool before I started to feel the urge to breath down but I remember hearing it rain outside and the pool getting topped up with hot water quite a bit. A cold flannel on my head was so nice at this point. I remember very vividly feeling the urge to push but being scared as I really didnt know how much to push or just rely on my birth breathing. I definitely had a moment where I felt overwhelmed by how hard giving birth was, but with some words of encouragement from my midwife who reminded me to use my breathing I felt myself regain confidence. She also to push right down into my bum (when I felt the urge to push with a surge) Which strangely was exactly what I needed to hear. I was kneeling on my knees and my partner reached in to receive our baby once his head emerged. He actually came out faster than expected and wasnt "caught" quite so beautifully but embraced by the water. My partner passed him to me through my legs and we had our first cuddle. He was born at around 7:30pm. His eyes were huge and he was so alert in his daddys arms. I was so grateful to have had some great midwives there that day and a birth partner who kept calm and took care of our birth space. Our little boy was so calm yet so alert, we were so happy we did our birth our way it was just gorgeous to be able to settle down at home and wave goodbye to the midwives from the comfort of our home. We gave him the middle name of "Moon" as he came to us right after that very memorable spectacular blue moon.

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