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When birth is brilliant!

Updated: May 25, 2021

Birth isn't always referred to as being brilliant but for some it is! We know that it can be positive and more comfortable when the person giving birth is free from fear. In a nut shell that's what HypnoBirthing is. It teaches you to let go of your fear and reminds you again and again that you can do this, your body knows what its doing...Trust it! But even very comfortable and positive births are still paired with hardship. I had two really amazing birth experiences but I still felt exhausted at times, had moments where I wasn't sure of myself and knew very deeply within me that this was one of the hardest things I had ever done. With that said the strength and empowerment that came with that hardship was immense, and my birth experiences still impact my life positively today. The belief that I can overcome great challenges with an optimistic mindset is very deeply set within me now. Giving birth taught me that. There are some though that experience completely pain free births. They breath their baby down to crowning and let the natural expulsive reflex do its thing. There are some that even describe their births as ecstatic and orgasmic, because birth is intimate and its an act of love as much as sex was the act of love that created the baby in the first place. Its all part of the beauty of life, so when we see birth as a scary hospital procedure we lose a lot of that beauty. When we make it clinical we give away that intimacy. Our mindset is everything when it comes to birth. You really have to ask yourself - do you believe its normal and natural? or a medical event? Then... why do you believe that? Babies are born around the world every day without assistance. Women can give birth in comas without any issues- the body takes over and does all the work. Personally I don't believe birth is easy, and I don't think its supposed to be. Being a parent is incredibly challenging but magnificently rewarding too. Birth sums that up into one beautiful experience- This is both the hardest thing you will ever do and the best thing you will ever do. That's the truth. Birth can be brilliant- not just for a lucky few but for most of us if we challenge our mindset and belief system. Of course that cant always be done over night, this kind of work takes time and focus. HypnoBirthing classes can really help with this but the impact of your support network is important too. Determined natural birthers become masters at deflecting negative birth talk from well meaning care givers and family members. They focus on a calm and peaceful birthing throughout their pregnancy. They read positive birth stories, they watch beautiful natural birth videos and listen to guided meditations that allow them to relax and let go. Call it peaceful, positive, orgasmic or ecstatic. Birth truly can be brilliant if we make it so!

For more on orgasmic birth see The Orgasmic Birth Movie

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