• Laura Wheeler

Why choose a HypnoBirth?

HypnoBirthing has been around since the 80s but it has increased massively in popularity since then. Lately more and more families are choosing to have a HypnoBirth. Its highly regarded by midwives and its proving again and again that it really is possible to have a positive birth experience. But what makes a hypnobirth different from any other births? Should I really fork out the money for classes or spend my time reading hypnobirthing books? Is it really worth it? First of all, how important do you consider your child's birthday to be? Usually its kind of a big deal. So this is their real first birthday if you think about it. Its a wonderfully special occasion which should be treasured in your memories. One your immensely proud of. But unfortunately for a lot of us birth tends to be more on the traumatic side and we come out the other side feeling a bit broken. Of course the tiny baby in our arms is a joyous thing no matter how the birth went but what about us? What about the person who pushed that baby out of their body or who was sliced open to have their baby delivered safely. Are they doing okay? Does it matter? We are plunged into parenthood never knowing how hard its going to be. We are working round the clock to care for a new baby- sleep deprived, emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed and on top of that we might have had a difficult birth to recover from. One where we felt our birth was simply taken from us, not what we planned or hoped for. The worst part is that we are just expected to get on with it and not talk about it. Babies are hard work, I can vouch for that and cant change that fact but we need to support new parents. To give them the gift of knowledge about how birth works, what to expect, Why birth complications happen and what they can do to prepare for the best possible birth scenario. Not fill them with fear about all the complicated births we have had or heard about. Its just simply not helpful.

So this is where HypnoBirthing comes in. Once we learn why birth has been so complicated throughout history we then begin to understand that birth can be beautiful. That we are in control, its our birth and our baby and we need to do what we feel is right. We become experts about birth, just as we become experts as parents to make informed choices and we feel empowered in doing so. We learn how to relax and tune into our incredible birthing body- because it knows what its doing! We take ownership of that birth because its our birthright to do so. We focus on positive birth stories, videos, imagery that supports our new belief that birth can be beautiful. We do this for our baby and we do this for ourselves, because we do matter. Birth matters!

I'm personally trained in Mongan Method HypnoBirthing. Marie Mongan was an inspirational women who believed we deserved better births, and moved mountains to make this happen! In a highly medical world, hypnobirthing brings it back to basics. Our breath, our instincts, our inner wisdom. #birthmatters #positivebirth #monganmethod #peacefulbirthpeacefulearth #instinctivebirth #hypnobirthing #hypnobirthingclassescornwall

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